DIC Keys (ZID) = Implant Keys for Implant Direct or Zimmer drills to fit the CEREC Guide 2 (15 keys total)      $1,850 + s/h

 S (4.5) = 2.3mm,2.8mm,3.4mm
(5.3) = 2.3mm,2,8mm,3.4mm,3.8mm,4.4mm
(6.0) = 2.3mm,2,8mm,3.4mm,3.8mm,4.4mm,4.8mm,5.1mm

Order the kit through Implant Direct (ImplantDirect.com) or contact your local rep, Flavius Oancea, at flavius.oancea@implantdirect.com or (503)707-6897. Follow the part numbers. The "X"s on the picture are the spaces to be left blank. This is the basic kit for InterActive implants, and the same kit you will use in the course. This kit is used for non-guided and guided implant surgery.  For those integrating the larger Legacy implants, call for the extended kit recommendation.

Guide Keys are necessary to direct the path of the drills during implant surgery. Without them, a guide is useless. Notice the use of straight guide keys as you watch the videos (expand them to view better). Sirona does not make keys for the use with Implant Direct, Zimmer, or Biohorizon . The angle of our keys allow for better access, especially in the posterior, and reduces interference with the hand piece.

X-CubeComplete Implantology System including
20:1 Handpiece (max speed 2500 RPM)

​                                                $2,220 + s/h

When planning your implant guide and using keys, plan your D2 to be 1mm less than the indicated length to account for the thickness of the keys that insert into the guide. So if you plan to drill to the 19mm laser mark on the drills, then set your D2 to 18. If you plan to drill to the 22mm neck, set your D2 to 21. In some cases you will need to drill longer than 22mm. I those cases you can measure the length of the drill including the shank inserted up to the head of your handpiece. This could be between 23 and 25mm. For a 25mm drill length, set your D2 to 24mm.

The simplyInterActive implants have a similar body thread design as the Legacy and the conical prosthetic connection of the Nobel Active. They come with the 3mm healing abutment and the healing cap with a costs below $200. There are only 2 restorative size connections allowing you to keep your prosthetic supplies down. These are the implant we will be placing in the course.

These are the same units we will use in the course to both practice and surgically place implants.