Surgery sequence


Sterile field

Check fit of guide
Incision or tissue punch
Bone density
Drill sequence
Final drill size
Crestal bone drill
Bone profiler
Pre-grafting planning
Implant placement
One-stage procedure (Healing abutment) 40-45Ncm
Two-stage procedure (Cover screw) <40 Ncm
Bone grafting, Tissue grafting or planning
Suturing (mattress, continuous, interrupted)

​Table-top hands-on implant placement review

SIRONA Optiguides and models
Torque controlled motors
Implant Direct Drills and Guide kits
Implant Direct Legacy 2 implants 

Patient Selection

Choose a patient that is in good health (ASA 1 or 2) & has sufficient occlusal opening with no TMD issues

Choose an single site - 1 tooth missing

Choose a site with sufficient bone for a 4-6mm wide by 11-16mm long implant

Avoid sinus or nerve proximity

Patient Presentations format

Treatment Goals

Health History: Medical and Dental History, Med consult?

Demographics, Head & Neck, TMJ, Parafunction, Periodontal status, Decay, Occlusal considerations

Soft tissue assessment at site

Radiographic findings - CBCT, PA, Pano

Bone volume and density

Prosthetic driven planning

Bone or tissue grafting?

Surgical Plan

Sterile field​

Planing the restoration

CEREC scan the arch that will receive an implant

Scan the opposing quadrant and a buccal bite

Plan where the crown will go

Export the file as an .ssi onto a thumb drive


take a CBCT

evaluate the bone volume

import the .ssi into the CBCT

Plan the implant & order a guide

Plan the implant considering the bone and the restoration

Order the guide online

Preparing for he surgery

ensure all supplies and implants are present​

Surgeries: Implant placement

Group 1 surgeons are assisted by Group 2 surgeons

Group 2 surgeons are assisted by Group 1 surgeons

Implant Science

​Oseointegration and healing time

Bone density (D1, D2, D3, D4) osteotomy size
Bone- volume, preservation, augmentation, expansion
Implant drills- designs, shapes, speed, irrigation
Implants- designs, surfaces, platform connections

Restorative- platforms, screw vs cemented, all digital

Implant Planning

Radiographic- CBCT, PA, Pano

Prosthetic driven planning- all digital approach

Case selection

Bone and gum grafting

Non-guided (skilled) vs. Guided - all digital approach 

Sterile field​

​Table-top hands-on bone grafting implant placement

Cytoplast membranes and sutures

SIRONA Optiguides and models

Torque controlled motors

Implant Direct Drills and Guide kits

Implant Direct Legacy 2 implants 

Live Implant placement

See it all in action: Observe over the shoulder and projected on large screen TVs the placement of an implant using a surgical guide.

Day 2 

7:30am Registration and Breakfast
8:00am Medical Hx, ASA, Patient selection, Post Implant medication
8:30am Surgery Setup & Sterile field
9:00am Surgery Prep
9:30am Patients arrive
10:00am Group1 place & Group2 assist 
11:30am Clean up, sterilize

12:00pm lunch

1:00pm Surgery Prep
1:30am Patients arrive
2:00pm Group2 place & Group1 assist 
3:30pm Clean up, sterilize
4:00pm Review Q&A
5:00pm close

Day 1​ 

7:30am Registration and Breakfast
8:00am Implant Science
9:00am Bone grafting
9:30am Table-top hands-on bone grafting
10:00am Implant planning: All Digital
12:00pm lunch
1:00am CBCT plan
1:30am Guide order/ milling/ printing

2:30pm Table-top hands-on implant placement
3:30pm Digital implant ​prosthetics
5:00pm close